Thursday, May 14, 2009


I received an email the other day that I would like to share with the readers. This email was titled "Whats your excuse?" and consisted of pictures of Muslims doings the solat at strange places and even at a disadvantage, they didn't use it as an excuse but still perform the solat at an uncomfortable condition. We should look at this as a motivation to perform the solat especially those that are always comfortable.

Have you done the Solat today?

Monday, May 11, 2009

LA Beauty Expo - Weekend Activity

This weekend we visited the LA Beauty Expo at Taman Kereta Kuching. Since that Abiey's school was participating as well, she insisted that I come and take a look at what was being showed. On the visit, we spared sometime to see a fashion show that was held.. Here are the pics:

Here are some others Pics that we managed to capture at the expo. Below is me n my cuz Che Ai, and a picture of Abiey and her schoolmates.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fishing Memories 2003

After the last fishing trip, I started to adore fishing again and lately, I keep thinking about my old fishing memories that had brought me many types of feelings. Fishing has given me the taste of freedom, satisfaction, enjoyment, besides showing me my worst nightmare when were stuck in a storm or very windy sea condition and frustration on an unsuccessful fishing trip. Here are some of my fishing memories.

This picture was taken when the three of us, Zam (raincoat) - a teacher in Kapit, Pijan (life jacket) - a staff at Kuching General Hospital and I entered a fishing competition organized by Semariang Anglers in 2003. They might look happy and cool in the picture, but actually we have just when through a big storm a couple of hour before that and during the storm was the worst fishing condition I have ever felt. That fishing trip had made me thought whether I would come back alive or wouldn't come back at all and the storm was one of the scariest moment in my life.

This is the mount of Santubong taken from a fishing spot called 'Submarine'. Since that we only manage to catch two Sting Ray until the morning and was caught is the storm for about 3 hours, we tried our luck at this place that are sometimes catchy in the morning.

And this is me, still very skinny and pale looking. If you have read my profile, maybe you'll understand why I'm so skinny during that year. That was a nice morning, just look at the cool weather.

This were the sting ray that we manage to catch at Batu Mandi the evening before. Which was a couple of hours before the storm. I think that was all our catch during the fishing trip.

Notice the person still fighting with the fish in front of the boat. What a wonderfull feeling.