Friday, December 24, 2010


I am a member of the Toastmaster club for our department. For next years club committee, we have had our installation night the other day for the election of our club's committee members and surprisingly, I had been elected as the secretary.

Although not very familiar with the secretarial work, I embrace myself for the new post hoping to benefit the club and most importantly, myself in the training meetings held in the Toastmaster activities.

The theme of the Installation Night was 'The 1001 Arabian night'. I was very anxious to attend the function and was ready with my Arabian clothing presentation hoping to play my role as part of the Arabic environment throughout the event. To my surprise, only three men chose to wear Arab clothing on the night and I was one of them. Although the theme did not had high support, we had a great time with numerous presentation from singing, humorous speech and other on stage presentation.

Most of us enjoyed the night especially when it had a great ending with the sing a long "We are young" and 'poco-poco' as the finale.

We had a great time.

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