Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My New Shop

I've just renovated my new shop which is located at Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre. Since that I'm developing blogs to earn from adsense, I'm not going to post on blog tips in Malay anymore as there are not much ads similarity to the post or keyword uneffectiveness. Instead, I've decided to change this blog into my personal blog.

This post will show you my new shop that is a multipurpose shop mainly selling HP accessories.
Here are the pictures of my shop.

The old color of the shop was orange and blue, I decided to stick on orange as it look nice and attractive. I'm still doing on TM products but I have decided to to focus on it as its profit is not like what was promise. I feel that the new shop is more easy to handle and profitable.

Since the shop is still new, its not full yet. The shelves and walls still needs goods to decorate it.

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