Thursday, April 2, 2009

How To Kill Termites

If you have termite problems in your house, you better take necessary action to stop it infecting and eating all your furniture before its too late. The termite problem in our house started from our neighbor's house. We knew when we saw pest control workers coming to their house a couple of times, I think its 5 or 6 times now. Upon confronting them, our neighbors told us that they got the termites from a furniture that they had bought not long ago.

If you consult the normal money making pest controlling company, they would give you long lectures on how the termites live, their whereabouts and how to get rid of them. Some of this successful firms woulds prefer the old method, which is the long and most profitable method, which is to kill by insecticide method. This method involves spraying insecticide all over the woods infected several times in a month until all the termites are all dead. They will come to the infected house like maybe once in two weeks with certain charges per visit and this will go on for several months. Kind like the victim becoming the loyal customer to the pest controllers. Well, what pest are they really trying to control, human or the termites? I'll tell you about the effectiveness of this insecticide method later below.

The next method is using a trap for the termites. This trap is not like a mouse trap where the termites get stuck in a cage or being killed by a tensioned steel flap( the trap used in Tom and Jerry show). Instead, it is actually a piece of manufactured wood, that contains chemicals that would kill the termites when they eat it. The termites that eat the wood will get sick and passes on the sickness to other termites by touching, you know how termites and ants like to touch each other when they meet. Actually, I got this information after a confrontation with the pest controller of my neighbors house. They told me that my neighbor is using this method now(after getting fed up with the first method), and they have replaced the wood for three times now. Hmmmmm, three times?? Its not over yet, they'll surely come some more. Quite a profitable process too, once they come usually 2 or 3 person is present and I don't want to know how much that cost.

Anyway, back to my own story, not long after our neighbor house was attacked by termites, I notice that some of our wall skirting was kind of eaten by termites too. Upon knowing that, I investigated. I made bigger a hole in the skirting with a screw driver to see whether the hole was cause by faulty during carpentry or is it really the termites are doing their business(trying to enhance business for the pest controllers). After twisting the screw driver a couple of times, out came several termites, angry that their new house is being holed. It was the termites of course. Then I tried the first method mention above, using insecticide to get rid of the termites. I got some termites insecticide and start spraying it all over the wall skirting, until all the area are wet of it. I focused on holes believing that the liquids will flow further into the holes flooding all the termites. When I was satisfied, I stopped. Then, I left the site for awhile for the insecticide to take effect. After about an hour, I decided to investigate whether my hard work had paid off or not. I decided to open one of the wall skirting. Just in case, I stand by a blow torch and the balance of the insecticide that I have used.

Upon opening the wall skirt, thousands of the termites can be seen in side the wood, still alive healthy like never before. They tried to flee from the scene but as fast as I can, I started to spray them with insecticide, one by one until I was convince everybody had been given a taste. The insecticide was not that effective as it took time for the termites to die, and I had to spray them until they were really wet. I thought that it was just a waste of time and to finish my work successfully, I decide to rip open all the wall skirting in the area, and this time, instead of using only the insecticide, I've used the blow torch as well. I made so many sin that day, killing all those termites, but they must be stopped. If not, they will further their occupation, and take control of our house. Here was how I look like killing all those termites.

After I have finish opening the wall skirtings and burning them with the blow torch, all the termites were taken care of, and instead of having to do it for a couple of times. I killed all the termites in one day. I am positively sure of the termites being gone as all the materials they ate is thrown away. I checked other furniture and fittings but there were no sign of infection. I haven't replaced the wall skirting because I am still waiting for my neighbor to solve their termite problems, as not long after the wall skirting problem, I saw that the door at the back was showing termites signs too. I think that was from our neighbor's instead of the skirting.

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