Monday, April 6, 2009

PIKOM PC Fair - Sunday Activity

There was a PC Fair at the fifth floor, Taman Kereta that weekend and since I haven't been to one quite some while, I decided to pay a visit to buy some computer stuffs. As usual, the computer fair was very crowded and it was even hard to move around. Well then, here's the entrance of the computer fair.

There was such a crowd, even the wet market isn't visited by this such customers. Well, I guest theres many computer geeg around this days. Adoring the environment, I took a picture of the crowd while standing on a chair that was vacant. Where did this people came from? I thought to myself.

Some of the PC booth was making sales like crazy. And when i mean like crazy, it is even hard to buy something, as everybody around it was trying to spend their fortune. No wonder when they place such cheap price and woww, such advertisement.

At last, here I am, found what I've been looking for, a Lexmark 32 and 33 ink for my printer. Quite cheap, during normal hours the price is around RM80 plus. Hmm, give me one of those please.

You must be wondering where I am and why am I not in the picture. Well, I'm taking the pictures, I'm suppose to be at the back of the camera remember. Anyway, thats me, waiting for the sales person to go and get my ink.

And this is my girl, standing in the middle of the crowds.

Heres something that you don't see everyday, unless you bought it. Its a speaker @ woofer that looks like the back of a frying pan. Quite expensive. I don't want to buy those, maybe a picture is enough.

This was my sunday activity, besides going to grab some ice kacang at Haji Taha afterwards.

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