Friday, April 10, 2009

Walk Around Spring Shopping Complex

Its the fourth time we've been to The Spring shopping complex and it sure has made us feel like we're out of Kuching. The real motive of going there was to meet a friend but we also done some shopping and also some window shopping. There was also a promotion of good friday and we took the oppoturnity to visit the promotion area to enjoy ourselves.

This was the area of the promotion in the shopping complex.

Abiey grab the change to take a picture with a big teddy bear that was there. Since she doesn't have a teddy that big, a picture with it was enough she said.

This were the easter bunnies.

And here is both of us playing around in the shopping complex, trying to find ourselves some nice time. I could not stop laughing after taking the picture. And is still when I see it.

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